what is renting and leasing?

Renting is only used by the owner of a property. For example, the owner of a house or flat may want to give possession and use of the property to another person for a certain period of time. The owner then receives a periodic payment in return for renting the property. The payment made by a tenant at intervals to occupy a property.

The fundamental difference between a lease and a tenancy is its duration. Delay; hindrance; hindrance; hindrance; delay; - common in the phrase without let or hinder, but elsewhere archaic. To cause; to make; - used with the infinitive in the active form but in the passive sense; as, to let do, i. To give, grant, or assign, as a work, privilege, or contract; - often with out; as, to let the building of a bridge; to let the lathing and plastering.

To permit to use or occupy for remuneration; to let; to lease; to rent; - often without; as, to let a farm; to lease a house; to lease horses. If this is not the case and you prefer something more flexible, you may be better off signing a month-to-month lease or subletting the property to another tenant with a sublease. The infinitive verb to rent can be used in the same situation as to let, but in a more general sense.